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Copy of This Week's Prairie Box Menu

Copy of This Week's Prairie Box Menu

 Menu For February 4th:

Prairie Box Pork Meal Subscription Winnipeg

Pork-Fried Rice

marinated, roast pork - sweet peas - sauteed cabbage

Calories: 619 - Protein: 22.5g - Fiber: 7.9g - Sodium: 257mg

Beef Prairie Box Meal Subscription Winnipeg

Marinated Beef & Broccoli

semolina noodles - hoisin marinade - toasted sesame

Calories: 729.5 - Protein: 29.5g - Fiber: 8.5g - Sodium: 451mg

Chicken Prairie Box Meal Subscription Winnipeg

Grilled Chicken Breast

roast sweet potato - sesame green beans

Calories: 618.5 - Protein: 33.5g - Fiber: 9.2g - Sodium: 323mg

Vegetarian Prairie Box Meal Subscription Winnipeg

Pesto Farfalle w/ Roast Veg

cherry tomatoes - eggplant - sweet pepper - cremini mushroom

Calories: 521.51- Protein: 23g - Fiber: 7.2g - Sodium: 253mg




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We offer fresh pork, chicken, beef and vegetarian options each week.

Because we are a startup and our resources are limited, we will not be able to accommodate special diets for now.

If you have any preferences, or things you'd like to see on an upcoming menu, please email us at info@prairiebox.com. We read every email that comes our way, and take customer feedback very seriously. Without you, we don't get to cook!



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